James Sdrales Suggests Hosting Your Next Watch Party with Catered Fare

James Sdrales

October 20, 2020

With football season finally in full swing and most sports back to competition even if in a bubble in some cases, you can still watch the action on television or the computer. You can also finally host a watch party again although restauranteur James Sdrales suggests making it a family affair and close friends who have complied with social distancing. Perhaps with so much cooking at home lately, you are just tired and you want a chef to prepare your watch party fare. Many of your local restaurants offer the perfect meals for your sports loving crowd, said James Sdrales.

James Sdrales Recommends Local Party Fare

The eating establishments offering to go party fare cater to the needs of crowds. For instance, Zubie’s has food trays to serve 15 or 30. James Sdrales favorite, Zubie’s Drydock, offers entrees, sides and salads in trays made for parties. Enough entrees to feed 15 people only costs about $80. Add a side dish for 15 for about $60. You can purchase a fully prepared meal for your sports watch party and serve something fun like Southern fried chicken with macaroni and cheese plus a healthy salad as sides. The party menu also offers go to desserts so you simply serve the food and take credit for a fabulous meal.

Festive Football Decorating with James Sdrales

You can add to the fun of your watch party with seasonal décor, says James Sdrales. Try football themed streamers and serving bowls you can find at most dollar stores in major and small cities. At $1 each, you can’t go wrong with these decorations that let you use fresh décor for each sports season without a major expense. You can pick up themed paper plates and drinking cups, too.

James Sdrales’ Half-Time Snacks Suggestions

Depend on Zubie’s for your half-time food, too, says James Sdrales. A tray of appetizers works great as a special treat whether you serve the main meal before or after the game. You get enough for either 15 or 30 servings with these, too. You might switch over to a score wrap-up during half-time so your guests can keep up on the other game scores. James Sdrales suggests a network show that covers all the teams or switching your smart TV over to ESPN’s website for a quick catch up on all the latest college and/or pro team scores. Every year, it takes months for us to come around to the season of our favorite sport. Everyone has a different favorite and we all wait with great anticipation whether we love football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, or some other seasonal sport. Make it more special with a watch party now that we can all spend time together in person again, James Sdrales said.