James Sdrales and His Restaurant Empire

James Sdrales

January 15, 2021

James Sdrales and His Restaurant Empire

How James Sdrales Differentiates His Restaurant Empire from the Competition

As the owner and operator of four restaurants in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles, California, James Sdrales has been executing his goals of being a leading restaurateur using his entrepreneurial insight and vision. At each of his restaurants, My Place Sports Bar and Grill, Ouzo and Feta Greek Restaurant and Bar, Zubie’s Dry Dock Restaurant and Bar, and Paradise LA, James Sdrales has implemented several ideas to ensure they are unique and successful.

At the core of his vision sits a high level of service quality, excellent ingredients, and a killer beverage menu to differentiate from the competition. James Sdrales has taken the Japanese manufacturing concept of Kaizen to continuously working towards improvement. James Sdrales notes that the most successful restaurants in the industry are on a continuous mission to make their restaurants and personal lives better.

He believes that being an excellent restauranteur and leader expands beyond the four walls of the establishment and into the owner’s personal life. James Sdrales further understands that it is important to anticipate and train for specific scenarios so the safe is ready and can continue to provide the best service level possible, even during unfavorable situations like the Coronavirus Pandemic.

When a reactive owner is constantly putting out fires, they are running in place and never getting ahead enough to grow the business. On the other hand, those who are looking ahead can quickly identify potential issues and train the staff to manage them, thus keeping the customer happy. James Sdrales identifies the best owners as those who are confident but not egotistical, so they put the staff and guests first. The result of this viewpoint is a jump in team morale, productivity, service level, and a highly profitable business.

Like in any industry, owners and employees work long hours but need to recognize the point at which productivity takes a nosedive and burnout occurs. James Sdrales has found that the result is mistakes, poor emotional control, exhaustion, and illness which are bad for the employee and restaurant. Owners and employees must spend some time daily on an enjoyable activity, away from work. This mentality has led his four restaurants to be successful and grow.

As a Southern California native and graduate in Business Administration from California State University at Fullerton, James Sdrales knows the local bar and restaurant landscape and has identified and implemented Kaizen tactics to differentiate from the competition. Outside of the restaurant business, James Sdrales supports organizations within the community such as the Huntington Beach Marina High School athletic teams, the Villa Park High School athletic teams, and St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church. These extracurricular activities allow James Sdrales to enjoy life outside of his restaurants which is the basis of his vision!