James Sdrales Advises How Restaurants Can Remain Profitable During Coronavirus

James Sdrales

November 20, 2020

Is Your Restaurant Struggling? Let James Sdrales Provide Advice to Help You Remain Profitable

Coronavirus has changed the landscaping of restaurants dramatically. Some restaurants had to shut down, while others are contending with limited seating inside or outside of their restaurant. As such, many restaurants are struggling. Professional restaurant expert, James Sdrales, knows how challenging this year has been for restaurant owners, and he would love to offer up some advise on how you can remain profitable, even during Coronavirus. 

James Sdrales Recommends Offering Take Out Services

One of the ways that James Sdrales states you can remain profitable during Coronavirus is to offer take out services or delivery services. More people are avoiding restaurants due to the health risk that sitting in one can pose, especially if they are in high risk category. However, not everyone wants to cook every night. Offering take out allows people who want to eat your food the ability to do so without putting their health at risk. 

James Sdrales Advises You to Cut Items From Your Menu

James Sdrales also recommends that you take a hard look at your menu and minimize your menu at this time. Restaurants with lengthy menus have to order a lot of food items, and unfortunately, many items are increasing in price and/or hard to find at this time. Simplifying your menu at this time can help you to avoid food waste and avoid paying high prices for items that may only be used in one or two dishes. By keeping your prices lower, you may also be able to offer deals or coupons to loyal customers, which may also entice them to visit your restaurant. 

James Sdrales Suggests You Offer New Opportunities to Your Client Base

The last tip James Sdrales has that can help your restaurant remain profitable during Coronavirus is to look for new opportunities to service your client base. Do you have an espresso machine that you usually use for after dinner drinks? Consider opening up in the morning as a coffee bar. Do you sell delicious cookies? Consider putting together a cookie decorating kit so kids can decorate their own cookies. Do you normally serve holiday meals in your restaurant? This year, consider putting together a to-go family style meal. There are lots of ways to take what you already do and modify it to help increase profits. 

James Sdrales knows that your business is likely struggling due to Coronavirus, and turning things around will not be an easy task. However, by offering take out services, cutting items from your menu and looking for new ways to sell to your client base, you will be able to sustain your restaurant during this challenging time and position yourself to make a full comeback once there is a cure or vaccine for COVID-19. 

Coronavirus is Taking a Toll on Restaurants! Let James Sdrales Help You Keep Your Business Profitable!